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  • Why should I clean the bottom of my boat?
    Do you race? Do you cruise? Do you like to take your boat out? Bottom paint is essential to keeping growth off of your hull, but it can only do so much and growth, slime and barnacles still grow. Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC will clean the slime and barnacles making your boat faster and ready for any adventure.
  • How much does a boat hull inspection cost?
    Are you buying a boat and curious what the bottom looks like? This is a quick dive that looks at the bottom of the boat to see if there are an issues and the state of the bottom paint, shaft(s) and propeller(s). This service is also good if you have a concern about the bottom of your boat and would like it inspected. Inspection costs a flat rate of $50, if you would like a video of the inspection dive, it is an additional $10.
  • How much does it cost to get my boat bottom cleaned?
    We charge different rates per plan purchased for bottom cleaning. Prices range from $75 for single cleanings per hour or per foot beginning with $2.50 per foot depending on the recurring plan chosen. Discounted rates are applied for weekly and biweekly reoccurring plans. A month plan is available if desired. Single cleanings, Inspections, and Removal of Entanglement Objects are charged at a pro-rated cost per hour. There may be an additional cost if you would like underwater photography of the dive.
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