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Terms and Conditions

1.0     Terms:  The Customer agree to hire Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC, to perform the services and work as stated in Section 2.0 of this document. Additional requirements include:

1.1    A recommended minimum of 60 days since the application of hard antifouling bottom paint in accordance with MD state best practice.

1.2     Vessel owner assumes responsibility of environmental impacts and reduction of longevity when cleaning a hull with ablative antifouling paint.

1.3    Vessel owner must disclose position of sensitive component’s (i.e. transducers, thru hulls, zincs, etc.) locations under the waterline of the vessel.

1.4    Vessel owner must disclose if a drive shaft line cutter is present.

1.5    Vessel owner must disclose the last time the vessel has undergone bottom cleaning, paint application, or zinc replacement.

          1.5.1     If the vessel has not been serviced within 1 year of service requested, the owner will be charged an Inspection fee to identify the condition of the vessel.

          1.5.2.    An inspection will be performed prior to any cleaning to identify the vessels conditions. If the condition are determined too risky to perform under water, the vessel owner will be notified and no further cleanings will be performed. If the service is able to be performed, the diver may choose to complete the cleaning the same day, or next available appointment. Standard service rates will apply to that cleaning.

1.6    Vessel owner must have notified and receive approval from marinas of work to be performed prior to work completion date. Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC holds no responsibility for notifying marinas of services to be performed.

1.7    Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC will use soft nylon/or similar cleaning pads, polystyrene chisel, and stainless steel pads/brushes/scrapers for unpainted metal surfaces.

1.8    Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC will provide all diving gear and necessary tools. If preferred tools are required, the Customer is responsible for providing the necessary tools to complete the tasks.

1.9    The Customer is responsible for providing a safety observer any time a dive is to be performed for at least the first time. Coordination must be made in days/hours leading up to the services to be performed. The Safety observer shall stay at the vessel throughout the duration in which the service is being performed in case of an emergency.

1.10   Vessel shore power will be removed/replaced while a diver is in the water.

2.0.     Travel: Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC is considered a mobile service. No fees will be charged within 10 miles of Solomons, MD; however outside of these boundaries, a service fee of $0.60/mile will be charged to cover travel costs. If Crusty Crab Dive Services is required to meet up with the customer on the water (i.e. entanglement service to be performed), an additional fee of $150 will be applied.

3.0.    Duties: Diver agrees to perform work for the Customer on the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement, as followed:

3.1     Inspect vessel for damage or potential hazards.

3.2     Remove barnacles from vessel hull, drive shaft, thru hulls, propeller, rudders, trim tabs, thrusters.

3.3    Clean slime buildup along vessel waterline.

4.0.    Completion Date: The work to be performed shall be completed within +/-3 days of the scheduled appointment, unless extended by either party and provided within writing (i.e. email or text).

5.0.    Costs:

5.1.     No additional charge will be charged for the duration of Weekly or Bi-Weekly cleanings

5.2.     One Time and Monthly cleanings will be pro-rated past the first hour of cleaning.

5.3.     Entanglements will be pro-rated past the first 20 minutes.

       5.4.     Prop, Drive Shaft, and Intake Servicing will be charged $15 for each additional 10             minutes under water past the initial 30 minute session.

       5.5.     Multi-hull'd vessels will be charged at the same rate for each additional hull of             the vessel.

       5.6.     Vessels not freshly bottom painted within one month of a One Time or the first             Monthly Cleaning will be charged an Inspection fee. Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC                 maintains the rights to continue with the cleaning or cancel the scheduled cleaning             depending on the findings of the inspection. 

5.0.    Payments

5.1.     Payments in full are due within 14 calendar days upon completion of service.

5.2.    All customers will be invoiced upon completion of service.

5.3.    Invoices will be stamped paid upon acceptance of payment by Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC.

5.4.     Payment options accepted include Cash (preferred), PayPal, VENMO., or by credit card. Any invoice charged by a credit card may be charged a 5% service charge.

5.5.     Payments not paid within 14 calendar days will be charged a $25 overdue fee.

5.6.     When booking Monthly and Bi-Weekly plans, a minimum of a 3 and 2 month long sessions, respectfully, are required.

6.0.    Cancellation: Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC requires cancellation by customer be provided within 24 hours of scheduled dive services to minimize scheduling impacts. If cancellation falls outside this window, a $10 late cancellation fee will be applied. Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC has the right to void this contract at any point if injuries, medical stipulations, unsafe conditions, or lack of terms listed in Section 1 are observed.

7.0.    Operational Period

         7.1.    Christy Crab Dive Services, LLC will perform cleaning between the months of March through November.

        7.2.    Booking for service will be completed year round.

        7.3.    All bookings will not exceed the month of November. 

        7.4.    The following year, all previously booked services will have to be re-established prior to the bookings of any new cleanings to be performed. The same procedures will need to be performed as the prior yrs bookings, even though the boat may remain the same.

8.0.    Liability: Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC assumes liability for the following:

8.1     Diver death or injury while performing underwater tasks.

8.2    If underwater vessel damage is incurred during dive services, Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC will notify the owner of damage and discuss potential resolutions. (i.e. loss, breaking, or excessive movement of rusted hardware during services)

8.3    In case of lost vessel hardware, Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC will immediately attempt to locate the item; however due to lack of visibility the chances of recovering the item is not guaranteed. Vessel owner will be responsible for replacing the lost item.

8.4.   Crusty Crab Dive Services, LLC maintains the rights to cancel a cleaning, perform limited cleaning, or modify the cleaning booking to be performed upon initial visual and physical inspection of the vessel in person. If the cleaning is cancelled before any work is perfumed, no charges will be made. If any portions of the cleaning is performed, the full price for the originally selected booking will be charged at the time of the service to be performed.   

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